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Watkins Ale

The English mixed consort is fascinating for several reasons, not the least of which is its multi-colored sound. Combining the sultry viols, the ethereal flute, the "sprightly and cheerful" cittern, the "deep" bandora and the "noble" lute, the ensemble is capable of many humours, from the wrenching pathos of Dowland's "Lachrimae Pavin" to the foot-stomping hoe-down of John Johnson's "Green Garters." It also provides a continual challenge to the performers, who must find just the right balance among such disparate instruments. - Mary Anne Ballard


May 22, 1992


  1. Tiers livre de danseries: Les Bouffons: Les Bouffons
  2. Nuttmigs and Ginger
  3. Green Garters
  4. There were 3 Ravens
  5. Howells Delight
  6. Goe from my window
  7. Green Sleeves
  8. 9 Fantasie: No. 7. La sampogna
  9. Unto the Prophet Jonas I Read
  10. The Carman's Whistle
  11. Can she excuse
  12. Lachrimae
  13. Quadro pavin
  14. Singers Jig
  15. Grimstock
  16. De la trumba
  17. The Jewes Dance
  18. Pavane Quadro and Galliard
  19. Consort Lessons, Book 1: Joyne hands
  20. Watkin's Ale
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