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The Art of the Bawdy Song

Through these bawdy catches and ballads we journey to the taverns and other social gathering-places of the real Merry Old England. We may be shocked by the directness of these mostly 300 year old texts (especially those on a scatological theme), but we must remember that in the days before indoor plumbing and pooper-scooper laws, everyday life was of an earthier flavor than it is today. - Mary Anne Ballard


February 11, 1993


  1. Aniseed Robin
  2. Cuckolds all a-row
  3. I gave her cakes and I gave her ale, Z. 256
  4. Taking his Beer with Old Anacharsis
  5. Fie, nay prithee, John
  6. Cold and Raw
  7. The miller's daughter riding to the fair
  8. Will Said to his Mammy
  9. The Old Fumbler
  10. Walking in a Meadowe Greene
  11. Celia Learning on the Spinnet
  12. Tom the Taylor
  13. My lady's coachman John, Z. 260
  14. The Irish Jig, "The Night Ramble"
  15. Come sirrah Jacke hoe
  16. Dainty Fine Aniseed Water
  17. Most Men do Love the Spanish Wine
  18. Argeers
  19. Gathering Peascods
  20. My lady and her Maid
  21. As Roger last night to Jenny lay close, Z. 242
  22. Pox on you for a fop, Z. 268
  23. Ladie lie near me
  24. Tis Women Makes Us Love
  25. Sir Walter enjoying his damsel, Z. 273
  26. My Thing Is My Own
  27. Here dwells a pretty Maid
  28. My man John
  29. When first Amyntas sued for a Kiss
  30. Almande Gratie, SwWV 318, "More Palatino"
  31. Poor Owen
  32. Where They drank
  33. Come, let us drink, Z. 245
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