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Tunes from the Attic

Tunes from the Attic returns to the central repertory of the Baltimore Consort: popular and courtly music from Elizabethan England and Renaissance Scotland, with ballads, airs, and country dances which grew from those traditions over the following centuries. All these excellent tunes stimulate our collective musical imagination and continue to inhabit our brains long after we have packed up our instruments and gone home. Like our predecessors four hundred years ago, we are inspired to make "art" of these infectious melodies. Every family has an attic - a place to re-discover items no longer in use but treasured nonetheless. - Mary Anne Ballard


April 10, 1997


  1. Joyne Hands
  2. You Lasses and Lads
  3. Jenny, My Blithest Maid
  4. Johnny Cock Thy Beaver
  5. Paven - Galliard to the Paven Before
  6. The Mermaid's Song
  7. The Old Maid of the Mill Dust
  8. The Northern Lasse's Lamentation
  9. Well Hall
  10. The Jewes Dance
  11. Come Love, Let's Walk
  12. Green Garters
  13. The Irish Ho-Hoane
  14. The Irish Dumpe
  15. Oh! How Happy's He
  16. Callino
  17. Joy to the Person of My Love
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