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La Rocque 'n' Roll

All of the song and dance arrangements on this CD are the creation of the members of the Baltimore Consort, who sometimes have only an unharmonized melody to start with. Two of the early printed sources from which we have drawn our material were collections of unadorned popular tunes with texts. Others were originally guitar intabulations with voice; a solo lute print by Robert Ballard was the starting point for the Branles de village; while other dances and chansons were originally found in four-part arrangements which the Baltimore Consort has further elaborated. - Mary Anne Ballard


September 28, 1993


  1. J'ai vu le loup
  2. Has tu point veu
  3. Branle double
  4. Branle de Montirande
  5. Branle de la torche
  6. Mignonne, allons voir si la rose
  7. Frais et gaillard
  8. Une m'avoit promis
  9. Volte
  10. Mes pas semez
  11. Gaillarde d'escosse
  12. Laroque Gaillarde
  13. Alemande de Liege
  14. Ma bergere, ma lumiere
  15. Estans assis aux rives aquatiques
  16. Prelude
  17. Tant que vivray
  18. Ung gay bergere
  19. O Madame, per-je mon tems
  20. J'ay le rebours
  21. Branles du village
  22. Une jeune fillette
  23. Une nimphe jolie
  24. Jean de Nivelle
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