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Julianne Baird and I first met in the fall of 1981 at her home near Philadelphia. We had arranged to meet and read through a number of English lute songs in preparation for a concert of music from Shakespeare's plays with the Baltimore Consort. During that first meeting, we read through several of the songs we have since recorded and continue to perform today, and we slipped easily into an unspoken agreement about phrasing and movement in music. My initial impression, aside from the beauty of her voice, was that Julianne is a particularly natural singer to follow, with a spontaneous musical sense that draws out my best playing. - Ronn McFarlane


November 26, 1985


  1. It was a lover and his lasse
  2. Author of light, revive my dying spright
  3. Watkin's Ale
  4. So beautie on the waters stood
  5. When Laura smiles
  6. Galliard
  7. A Musicall Banquet: Book of Songs, Book 4, "A Pilgrimes Solace": In darkness let me dwell
  8. Bonny Sweet Boy
  9. Greensleeves
  10. Wand'ring in this Place
  11. Packington's Pound
  12. Shall I come, sweet love, to thee?
  13. Book of Songs, Book 2: Sorrow, stay, lend true repentant tears
  14. Sweet Youth Go Bruise Thy Pillow
  15. Kemp's Jig
  16. It Fell on a Summer's Day: It fell on a sommers daie
  17. Book of Songs, Book 1: Come again, sweet love doth now invite
  18. Wilson's Wild
  19. Book of Songs, Book 1: Away with these self-loving lads
  20. Mark how the blushful morn
  21. Bookes of Ayres, Book 2: Never weather-beaten saile more willing bent to shore
  22. Cradle Pavan
  23. If thou long'st so much to learne
  24. Robinson's May
  25. Book of Songs, Book 3: Time stands still
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