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Adew Dundee

The lure of Scottish melody with its gapped scales and "scotch snaps" (short-long rhythms) motivated the English to set new words to Scottish tunes or to write new tunes in imitation of Scottish style. The popularity of "Scotch" style reached its zenith after the Restoration, culminating in the publications of the Playfords and Thomas D'Urfey, the latter of whom is represented here by the two selections from Wit and Mirth: or, Pills to Purge Melancholy of 1719: The Scotch Cuckold and Catherine Logy. -Mary Anne Ballar


September 30, 2003


  1. The gowans are gay
  2. Adew Dundee
  3. Remember me, my deir
  4. Ane Ground
  5. A New Scotch Song of Catherin Logy
  6. The Scotch cuckold
  7. Green grows the rashes
  8. Alace I lie alone
  9. Blew breiks
  10. Adeu O desie of delyt, "The Banks of Helicon"
  11. Generall Leslys goodnight
  12. Leslies lilt
  13. Peggy is over ye sie wi' a souldier
  14. I mett her in the medowe
  15. The old man
  16. Richt soir opprest
  17. Suit smiling Katie loves me
  18. Whip my toudie
  19. Remember me at evening
  20. A Scot's tune
  21. Woe worth the tyme
  22. What mightie motion
  23. Branles d'escosse
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