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The Scottish Lute


January 1, 1990


  1. Drawe neare me and lowe me
  2. A Scots Tune
  3. The scottish Huntsupe
  4. I long for the wedding
  5. I Long For Thy Virginitie
  6. The canaries
  7. Canaries
  8. I mett her in the medowe
  9. Lett never crueltie dishonour bewtie
  10. Jennet drinks no water
  11. Corne Yards
  12. Gypsies Lilt
  13. Alace I lie me alon I'm lik to die awld
  14. The Flowres of the Forrest
  15. Remember me at eveninge
  16. I will not goe to my bed till I suld die
  17. Port Rorie Dall
  18. Lilt Ladie An Gordonn
  19. Gallua Tom
  20. Whip my toudie
  21. Hench me Malie Gray
  22. Wo betyd thy wearie bodie
  23. Lesleis Lilt
  24. Pitt on your shirt on Monday
  25. Blew Breik
  26. My Ladie Laudians Lilt
  27. To dance about the Baikeis dubb
  28. My mistres blush is bonie
  29. Its a wonder to see
  30. Port Preist
  31. An thou wer myn own thing
  32. Port Jean Linsey
  33. Gabot
  34. Untitled
  35. Curent
  36. Volt
  37. Doun in yon banke
  38. Aderneis Lilt
  39. Ladie Cassilles Lilt
  40. I serve a worthie ladie
  41. Ane Scottis dance
  42. Swit Sant nikcola
  43. A Port
  44. Gray Steel
  45. Put on thy sark on Munday
  46. The old man
  47. Ladie Laudians Lilt (from Straloch lute book)
  48. I kist her while she blusht
  49. Adew Dundie
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