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Barley Moon

This brand new album, featuring music from the live program Will You Walk the Woods so Wild, is comprised of Renaissance music and old traditional folk songs, showcasing the surprising parallels between high art music and folk music.

It will be released June 24 on the award-winning Sono Luminus record label as a combo CD + Blu-Ray Audio.

"Here is music that is born of what has come but leads us into where we can go: old forms born anew and ever fresh" - Rober Aubry Davis, creator, producer, and host of Millennium of Music.


June 24, 2016


  1. John Barleycorn
  2. In a Garden So Green
  3. Mr. Dowland's Midnight, P. 99 (Arr. R. Nurse & R. McFarlane)
  4. Fortune My Foe, P. 62 (Arr. R. Nurse & R. McFarlane)
  5. Lady Hundson's Puffe, P. 54 (Arr. R. Nurse & R. McFarlane)
  6. Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite (Arr. B. Kay, R. McFarlane & R. Nurse)
  7. Henry Martin
  8. Lully Lulle
  9. Solus cum sola, P. 10 (Arr. R. Nurse & R. McFarlane)
  10. Mr. George Whitehead His Almand, H. 21 (Arr. R. Nurse & R. McFarlane)
  11. Twa Corbies
  12. The Woods So Wild (Arr. R. McFarlane)
  13. Ddoi Di Dai
  14. Nottamun Town
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