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November 10, 2023

Start Time: 8:00 PM

Lute Song Trio of the Baltimore Consort at Early Music in Columbus

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Early Music in Columbus


St. Mark's Episcopal Church

2151 Dorset Rd.
Columbus, OH 43221


SONGS TO THE LUTE & VIOL - Courtly Ayres, Songs from Shakespeare, Historic Ballads, plus Instrumental Fancies and Dances *** Featuring Baltimore Consort members Ronn McFarlane (lute), Danielle Svonavec (soprano), and Mary Anne Ballard (viola da gamba). *** Music from the world of Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare, including popular continental favorites—French courtly airs and Italian dances, as well as traditional Appalachian ballads rooted in the British Isles. Works of John Dowland, Thomas Campion, Pierre de Ronsard, Clément Janequin, Shakespeare himself, and the always fascinating “Anonymous.”